• Michael Najar, Ph.D

Building Trust as a New Supervisor

It is important to be able to build rapport with your team and a key ingredient of this is establishing trust with your employees. Trust builds an environment where your employees can reach higher levels of performance without working in an atmosphere of worry, concern and fear.

Without trust, employees are less willing to provide input or surface ideas that may be

different than what has been done in the past. However, when you welcome and accept opinions of your team, you exude certain positive energy and confidence, which helps you gain the trust of others. Demonstrating loyalty with your team is also important. Make sure you don’t spread rumors, talk behind peoples’ backs, attack people personally, or make unfair assumptions.

Creating an inclusive environment with help you build trust. Ask for ideas and opinions from your entire team and emphasize the importance of having a wide variety of ideas from many different perspectives. Remember to follow through on and deliver on everything you are supposed to. When you give an assignment, make sure you articulate the roles of the various employees involved, what is expected of them, and the scope and timing of the project.

Trust is built over time. Great leaders start with positive communications built on a foundation of mutual respect. From there, consistency in direction and actions continue to build on what is said and done. Honesty and integrity are both essential components for trust to stand the test of time.

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