• Michael Najar, Ph.D

3 Time Management Tips for New Supervisors

As a new supervisor, you now have to not only manager your own time, but you must also make time for your team. With this added responsibility it is important that you manage your time efficiently. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Tip #1 Begin each day by making a list of what you need to accomplish. Write down what needs to get done, who you need to meet with, and what team projects need your attention. Then, at the end of your day, update your list to measure your progress.

Tip #2 You will likely receive many requests to attend meetings. Make certain your attendance is truly needed, prior to you accepting. If you are scheduling a meeting, make sure you create an agenda, adhere to the scheduled time allotted, and only invite those individuals that need to be part of the discussion.

Tip #3 Finally, set aside time on your calendar to focus on being a good supervisor. During this time, focus on such things as: thinking strategically about you and your team, focusing on your internal and external customers, aligning actions with the goals of your supervisor, meeting individually with each of your team, returning calls, and responding back to emails. You should avoid wasting time by constantly shifting from one activity to another.


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