Develop Your New Supervisors 
Into High-Performing Leaders


A full-suite experience to develop both new and veteran first-line supervisors. 

Participants complete a scientifically valid leadership assessment and learn about their leader style. 


The platform provides users with custom feedback reports, development plans, learning events, and performance goals.


Learning events are specific to key supervisor skills and are applicable to a wide-array of industries. 

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Examine your leadership style in detailed feedback reports. The Daily Poll module engages learners in research and findings related to managing organizational talent. 


Develop fundamental skills in the Learn module. Explore your custom 
curriculum and participate in blended learning events, such as vignettes, webinars, and online books.

A structured development cycle enhancing leadership skills at all levels.

Learners are coached with detailed examples on how to apply the skills they are developing.  Measurable actions are assigned which document and display desired performance. 


Supervisor Training Center


Scientifically valid assessments define targeted developmental plans.

We've studied how leadership styles work and identified targeted solutions to help you reach your full potential. Our approach is to examine your leadership style in terms of self-presentation. People actively engage in self-presentational behavior in the company of others. That is, people actively communicate how they want others to see and think about them. Others observe and evaluate these presentations and attach evaluative, and or, descriptive labels to them-i.e., words and short phrases.

Because people’s self-presentations during social interaction and through responses to statements on a personality inventory are empirically similar, personality assessments can provide invaluable insight into that person’s leadership style.

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For example, if a person is described by others as rude and inconsiderate, the same tendencies are likely to emerge when the person completes a valid personality assessment. Examined in light of other behavioral tendencies, this information can be used to structure individualized feedback and development plans, which will help you identify potential barriers to success, as well as improve your social, stress-tolerance, and other management skills.

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This is precisely what the Supervisor Style Assessment and Leadership Style Report does. Combine this with the targeted learning events, guided performance activities, and the latest information and research on managing and motivating organizational talent, and what you have is the Supervisor Training Center. A comprehensive development platform specifically designed to accelerate your success in a supervisor role.

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